Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal is an experience like no other; it is an adventure that introduces you to the unique culture, diverse and stunning landscapes, warm and hospitable people and places so far and remote yet culturally well-preserved and naturally breathtaking. With trekking trails that offer a non-stop backdrop of some of the tallest mountains in the world, Nepal has become a trekkers’ favorite.

It is often said that travelers come to Nepal for Everest (world’s highest mountain at 8,848m) but stay for its people, culture, festivals, and its diverse landscape. Along with Everest, Nepal has 8 of the 10 highest mountains in the world. But, the beautiful coming together of mountains and culture is what makes Nepal a true trekking paradise. You can trek to the base camp of Everest, Manaslu, Makalu, Dhaulagiri, and Mardi among other mountains. Or, you can choose to make shorter circuit treks. Trekking options in Nepal have no limit.

Adventure Club Trek brings you the best of trekking in Nepal. We also offer well-rounded and reasonably priced trips to Tibet and Bhutan. Our itineraries are constructed, so you make the best out of your time here in Nepal, whether you are trekking, peak climbing, on a cultural tour, or enjoying adventure sports.  At Adventure Club Trek, we have trekking leaders/guides that are experienced, competent, and medically trained in the basic first-aid treatment and Acute Mountain Sickness (AMS). Our expeditions are equipped with back-ups like Oxygen cylinders or PAC (Premature atrial contraction) bag and a comprehensive first-aid kit. Our trekking leaders aren’t only technically advanced; they are truly enthusiastic about trekking as well.

 With over 95 excellent reviews, Adventure Club Trek is trekkers’ favorite on Trip Advisor and in practice.

Client satisfaction and safety are two of our biggest concerns which we never fail to deliver and which is why 55 percent of trekkers and travelers who have accompanied us come back to Nepal for their next trip.

Our long-standing relationship with teahouses, hotels, and lodges in Kathmandu and trekking routes is a good example of good local coordination which is necessary for a smooth-sailing trip. Besides, we also specialize in adventure tours like Rafting,  Jungle Safari, Bungee Jumping, Canoeing, and mountain climbing.

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Our Best Seller Holiday Packages 2022

Everest Base Camp Trek
USD 1239
Sunrise view from Poon hill
USD 989
Manaslu Circuit Trek
USD 1489

Manaslu Circuit Trek

Duration: 17 Days
Mera Peak Climbing
USD 2359

Mera Peak Climbing

Duration: 17 Days
Island Peak with Everest Base camp Trek
USD 2349
Glimpses of Bhutan Tour
USD 719

Glimpses of Bhutan Tour

Duration: 4 Days
Everest Base Camp Heli Trek
USD 2389

Everest Base Camp Heli Trek

Duration: 12 Days

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