Upper Dolpo

Duration: 25 Days

Dolpo is a culturally Tibetan high-altitude region in the upper part of Nepal's Dolpa District, bordered by China in the north. Shey Phoksundo National Park shares 1-3 part of the region. It is a mystical land of centuries-old Buddhist traditions that are still practiced daily. The remoteness of the region combined with the splendid beauty of the landscape makes for an unforgettable experience.

Adventure Club Trek's Upper Dolpo Trek-25 days brings you the very best of off-beaten path trekking; Upper Dolpo is one of the very few regions in the world to have a civilization so detached from modern world advances.

Upper Dolpo runs in Shamanistic beliefs and centuries-old Bonpo and Buddhist traditions. You will meet the most authentic Tibetan culture, traditions and the most innocent of people in the villages and gompas you pass by in this 25-day-long trekking expedition.

We start the trek with a flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj. We take another flight tomorrow to Juphal, the only airstrip that connects Dolpa with rest of the country.

Our trail passes several villages, pristine Phoksundo lake and high passes in the course of leading us to Shey Gompa, it is popularly known as the spiritual heart of Upper Dolpo, and rightly so!

We spent the day acclimatizing at Shey Gompa, meanwhile also exploring the magical land. It sits at the base of Krystal Mountain, a pilgrimage site frequented by hundreds of visitors each year who make a circuit (called Kora or Parikrama) around the mountain.

Trekking in Upper Dolpo is strenuous, it requires at the very least average level of physical fitness. One has to cross three high passes-Nagdalo La (5350 m), the Shey La (5010 m) and Jeng La (5220 m). Crossing these passes involve long ascents and descents.

We spend most of the trekking period above 4000m, this results in cold temperatures, especially at night. The unsurpassable landscapes and exclusive views into the preserved culture of the Doplo people make it all worth it. You come out of this trek with experience only a few have had-not everybody can say they have a first-hand observed centuries-old civilization in the most remote part of the Himalayan country Nepal by trekking there on foot.

Besides trekking in the celebrated regions like Annapurna, Everest, Langtang and such, trekkers can choose to trek in the other region like Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Tsum Valley, Kanchenjunga Circuit, Dhaulagiri Circuit and Manaslu circuit among others. Adventure Club Trek has reasonably priced and well-customized packages to trek in these regions.

Trip Highlights:

  • Explore heritage sites in Kathmandu Valley
  • Enjoy the scenic flight to and from Nepalgunj/Juphal
  • Through Shey Phoksundo National Park and Shey Phoksundo Lake
  • Trek past high three high passes- Kang La, Saldang La and Jeng LaVisit the Buddhist monastery of Shey Gompa
  • Magnificent views of the Himalayas, flora & fauna throughout the trek
  • Spectacular views of high mountains.
  • Unspoiled mountains, Flora and  Fauna, unique culture and tradition of Doplo region

Outline Itinerary:

  • Day 01: Arrival at Kathmandu (1,345 m):
  • Day 02: Pre-trip meeting and sightseeing around the Kathmandu valley:
  • Day 03: Fly to Nepalgunj from Kathmandu – 1 hr flight:
  • Day 04: 35 minutes flight to Juphal (2,400 m). Trek to Dunai (2,150 m) – 3 hrs.
  • Day 05: Trek Dunai to Ankhe (2,660 m): 6 hrs
  • Day 06: Trek Ankhe to Renje (3,104 m): 7 hrs.
  • Day 07: Trek Renje to Phoksundo Lake (3,600 m): 6.5 hrs.
  • Day 08: Trek Phoksundo Lake to Phoksundo Khola (3,507 m) – 6 hrs
  • Day 09: Trek to Phoksundo Khola to Phoksundo Bhanjyang (4,402 m) – 7 hrs
  • Day 10: Cross the Kang La pass (5,151 m) and trek to Shey Gompa (4,126 m) – 7 hrs
  • Day 11: Rest and exploration day at Shey Gompa.
  • Day 12: Cross the Saldang La pass (4,785 m), and then trek to Namduna Gaon (4,400 m) – 7 hrs.
  • Day 13: Trek to Saldang (3,903 m) – 4 hrs.
  • Day 14: TrekSaldang to Sibu (3,942m) – 6 hrs
  • Day 15: Trek to foot of the Jeng La (4,369 m) – 5 hrs.
  • Day 16: Cross the Jeng La pass (4,845 m), trek to (4,240 m) – 7 hrs.
  • Day 17: Trek to Dho Tarap (4,090 m) – 4.5 hrs
  • Day 18: Trek Dho Tarap to Serkam (3,630 m) – 6.5 hrs.
  • Day 19: Trek Serkamto Khani Gaon (2,550 m) – 7 hrs
  • Day 20: Trek Khani Gaon to Tarakot (2,281 m) – 4 hrs.
  • Day 21: TrekTarakot to Dunai (2,052 m) – 5 hrs
  • Day 22: Trek Dunai to Juphal (2,404 m) – 3 hrs
  • Day 23: Fly to Kathmandu via Nepalgunj- Total 1 hr and 35 minute’s flight
  • Day 24: Leisure day and farewell dinner in Kathmand /Contingency Day.
  • Day 25: Transfer to the international airport for your final departure.
  • Trip Duration 25 Days
  • Destination Nepal
  • Trip Difficulty Strenuous
  • Trip Style Trekking
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