Trip grading

Each trip is segregated according to the distance, landscape, and the climate. The trekking destination ranges from easy, suitable for anyone with a basic level of fitness to strenuous plus. Most trips are suitable for trekkers with a little experience and good physical health. All the trek and climbing expeditions are designed for anyone with willpower and good physical health; however, you must consider your fitness level to seek the best suitable adventure for you.

Here is a brief guide.

Easy: Treks included in this category are suitable to anyone seeking adventure with the basic fitness level. If you can walk around 4-6 hours a day, then this is the category of trek you can manage. It generally involves trekking around lower altitudes with 300-600m gain, and also the paths are easy with access to all the amenities.

Moderate: For this category of trek you are required to be physically fit. Moderate level trekking in Nepal involves walking around 6-7 hours usually on a rough trail over hilly terrain. However, a moderate level of trekking doesn’t involve facing extreme weather, but we do reach up to an altitude around 5500m climbing around 400-700m each day. Higher altitude means lower oxygen level with only basic amenities but more exclusive trails, more mountains, and beautiful landscapes.

Challenging: It involves trekking for around 6-8 hours per day on a rough trail which includes occasionally crossing high passes. On an average, you go up and down for around 500-1000m. Prepare for the extreme weather and sudden change of climate at high altitudes. Expect nothing more than just basic facilities once we hit 3,000m above altitude. We might have to camp at certain locations and cook our own food (the guides and porters will be involved in camping and cooking). Things can get tough, so previous trekking experience and good physical fitness is a must.

Strenuous: Fitness level plays a vital role in this category. You often have to cross high passes and cover extremely tough paths. You have to walk for 6-8 hours with continuous ascends and descends of around 500-1000m. Along with good physical health strong mindset is essential to overcome difficult paths and harsh weather conditions. Minimal facilities will be available while in the remote areas. Prior trekking experience is a must.

Strenuous plus: under this category, you will need to conquer tough, challenging paths and also cross few high passes. You have to walk around 6-8 hours every day ascending and descending approximately around 500-1000m. Various paths with difficulties like snow, rocks and steep climbs have to be covered. High level of determination and fitness is required along with trekking experience. Few days are spent in a remote environment with minimal facilities. Peak climbing expeditions are usually graded strenuous plus.