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Trekking in Restricted Area



It has been possible since October of 1991 to trek in some of the most beautiful, untouched and exotic regions of Nepal.  While such activity is subject to government restriction, trekking safely in these remote areas is nonetheless possible, and offers rich rewards to those who seek a truly unique experience in Nepal.  Found mostly in the western part of Nepal, these isolated areas offer a vibrant culture and ancient traditions which have been well-preserved and maintained by their inhabitants.  An example is Mustang, where the lifestyle shows the strong influence of Tibetan influence.

In these restricted regions, visitors are not permitted to trek singly, but rather only in groups which have applied for and received a special permit.  The more famous of these regions include Dolpo, Manaslu, and Mustang, among others.  We at Adventure Club Trek are prepared and qualified to lead group treks into these fantastic restricted areas, where amazing discoveries and experiences await the visitor.

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