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Trekking in Nepal

Trekking in Nepal: Raw adventure on some of the most rugged trails in the world…& still the best on the planet ‘Earth’’…

For some, holidays are spent in casinos, some prefer the soft tour from the windows of a bus, & there are those who leave home to tour the corridors of history…only to learn that history soon repeats itself in covert mishaps; & there are those who get an instinctive calling to the wild on some of the longest and highest walking trails in the world. The bold & the brave venture out those winding paths beneath the world’s highest peaks and go on to visit some of the most remote communities on earth, passing through lush green valleys, arid high plateaus and incredible landscapes…this is Trekking in Nepal…where only eagles dare…& the beauty is raw, pure & painful…it saps your emotions but gives you lifelong lessons & experiences…sometimes the elements may even have the potentials to change your life forever.

The trails can cover the full distance of the Himalayan Range in any part of Nepal; it can be from some corner of Taplejung in the East to Humla and Darchula in the West and ultimately it can roll into Tibet, India or Myanmar in East of Nepal and Pakistan in the West. Trekking in Nepal generally has durations of 2-3 weeks each on average. The treks can be done subsequently or completely separate from each other. Besides, each area features a number of side-treks of varying elevations and difficulty, some of which require camping equipment and others that can be done teahouse style. With a variety of trekking options and new tourism attractions, each zone forms a distinct trekking and adventure destination independent of other similar topographies with its own natural beauties.

Trekkers generally have choices between two routes. Nepal’s Upper trails which meander through high mountain ranges at an average altitude of 3000 to 5000 metres, providing breath-taking views of the country’s towering peaks; & along the Lower mid hills, with Cultural routes, tourists will get the chance to visit small communities and villages and learn about the culture and traditions of Nepal’s various ethnic groups.

Trekking along the Upper Trails creates avenues for the daring to experience unforgettable adventures and for some it will be the trip of a lifetime, for the fortune in most cases favors the brave. The trail stretches over a distance of about 1,700 km and passes through spectacular, high altitude mountain landscapes, visiting some of the most remote villages on earth, where life remains as it was centuries back…lost in its own distinct mysticism where the thinking trekker will compare his world with that of the one he ventures in. Trekking above the timberline requires crossing high passes with altitudes up to 6,200m and sometimes the trek takes about 22-35 days on average. Proper trekking gear and mountaineering equipment are needed and anyone attempting treks in a super high country should be physically fit and ideally have some trekking and mountaineering experience. Due to the remoteness of the trek, camping is required for most parts of the adventure and it is necessary that you (or your porter) carry a tent, food and cooking equipment. But what could be better than pitching your tent surrounded by the mighty snow-capped Himalayas and sleeping under starlit skies?

In other words, trekkers leave home & cross the oceans to explore the unknown; to get a feel for the wild. Indeed, from the flatlands of the Terai with its warm and thriving vegetation to the icy slopes of some of the highest mountainous altitudes on earth, hikers & backpackers are bound to experience a tryst with some of the most fascinating natural landscapes ever beheld and delight in the thrills of a true spirit that comes with adventure when hiking out in the wilderness.  It’s a heartwarming feeling when trekking out in the Nepalese Himalaya as you camp out in the jungles under starry skies, yield to the rugged beauty of the wilderness, connect with the wonders of nature, eat and sleep under a full moon sky, sing and dance around campfires and share a meal with local folks. There couldn’t be a better way to flee from the hustling and stressful irritation of everyday life in the mangled metropolises that we all live in and to rejuvenate and enjoy the elixirs that can only be found in pure nature at its very best…when trekking in Nepal…