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Trekking and Hiking


Nepal is a country that has truly been created and blessed by ancient gods. It is with good reason that the very names of Kathmandu, Chomolungma (Mt. Everest) and Namche Bazaar evoke in the mind of the potential visitor a sense of timelessness and mysticism. Many are the adventurous wanderers whose hearts have been captured not only by the outstanding landscapes but also by the warmth and gentle spirituality of the Nepali people who stand ready to welcome you whether this is your first visit - or your fifth! The magnificent Himalayas are now within your reach as well as the opportunity to view the many species of fascinating plants, birds, and animals that make their homes along the highs and lows of the trekking trails.

There are two types of trekking - Teahouse and Campaign. For the tea house trek (also called lodge trekking) you make your way each day to stay at the teahouse in the evening. Most people take a guide and you might also take a porter. Here you will receive your meals and an opportunity to be near the local villages and to experience the tradition and culture. You will be enchanted by the warm hospitality of the villagers who will charm your heart and soul. You have the freedom to wander - perhaps you will take an unexpected side-trip one day that may provide the highlight of your trek. Teahouse trekking is a relatively inexpensive way to trek in Nepal and popular areas include around Everest, Annapurna, Langtang, Manaslu, Mustang, Kanchenjunga, Dolpo, and Makalu.

Campaign trekking is the classic style where your expedition is planned and precisely managed in order that you should reach your goal. It is supported by a full team of guides and porters, some of whom might be the local Sherpas. Just a few destinations include Kanchenjunga, Upper Mustang,  Dolpo, Nar-Phu Valley, Guerilla Trek and the Chitwan Chepang hills but there are, of course, much more.

Nepal is not only famous for trekking, peak climbing, and expeditions. It is also one of the best destinations in the world for rafting and kayaking. From gushing white-water rapids straight from the Himalayan peaks to languid sections that meander through the remote jungle wilderness; there is a river to suit all experience levels and schedules. If you are pressed for time you can check out the two-day runs down the Bhote Kosi. Multi-day trips are on offer down the Karnali, Tamur or Sun Kosi Rivers plus many other rivers that will lead you through some fantastic scenery, camp overnight in some of Nepal's remotest and most beautiful spots for an experience that you are not likely to forget.

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