Tibet Travel Info

Tibet, located on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau at the southwest frontier of China is famously known as the' roof of the world.' The eastern part is covered with forest, open grasslands in the north and agricultural lands in the south. Tibet has one municipality, Lhasa and six prefectures, Shigatse, Chamdo, Nagqu, Shannan, Ngari, and Nyingchi.

Tibet is a mostly Buddhist territory and a spiritual region consisting of monasteries, mountains, holy lakes and possibly the kindest and most likable people on the planet.  Adventure Club Trek has several customized tour packages that take you to this mystic land of the Buddhist monk and their prayers.  The site of pilgrims walking around Mt. Kailas, the smell of juniper incense, colorful festivals, and breathtaking mountain views best describe Tibet.

The geography of Tibet is just as fascinating as its culture.  Surrounded by snow-capped mountains, it is the highest plateau on Earth. Tibet covers an area of 1.2 million sq. Km. All this adventure awaits you but depends on whether or not you get a permit. So, it is recommended to go through a trekking company's network instead of venturing solo, solo travel to Tibet is not next to impossible but also very expensive. Let Adventure Club trek plan your Tibet tour.

A trip to Tibet includes some of the world's wildest roads, passing plains dotted with yaks and nomads tents and hiking the ruins of remote hermitages. The festivals in Tibet are truly a stunner, the drama, masked performers and art will fill you with a sense of fulfillment. But, among all attractions in Tibet, the best are its people. They always greet visitors with a smile and with an open heart. It is one of the aspects that make the trip to Tibet so joyful.

However, if you are planning to visit Tibet, you must book a tour with a guide including all transportation requirements, as the government travel restrictions do not allow independent travel. The best, easiest and cheapest way to Tibet is through Nepal.

  • Accommodation in Tibet

    You have many options while in Lhasa, from simple guesthouses to four-star hotels. You can find up to three-star hotels in Gyantse, Shigatse, and Tsedang. Mostly, only guest houses are…

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  • Banking and Foreign Exchange

    Tibet's currency is also Renminbi (RMB) just like the rest of China. You can also use US dollars in Tibet, but not all the shops accept dollars, and even when…

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  • Drinking water in Tibet

    It is advised that you drink bottled water from larger stores. If you want to drink tap water, you have to boil it for at least 20 minutes as lower…

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  • Electricity

    Tibet has a standard voltage of 220v and frequency of 50 Hz. There are three types of plugs used in Tibet, type A, C, and I. As Tibet is above…

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  • Festivals in Tibet

    Tibet is as much of a cultural tour as it is a scenic one. So, make sure you catch some of the festivals here to experience Tibet truly. The following…

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  • Health and Safety in Tiber

    Health and safety is a significant matter for the travelers, no matter where are you traveling. Immunization and Acute Mountain Sickness are the most health problem that occurs in Tibet…

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  • How to Get a Tibet Visa from Kathmandu

    If you are planning to apply for a visa from Kathmandu, you won't be issued an individual visa but a group visa to those booked on tour. You will be…

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  • How to Get Enter Tibet from Nepal

    By Air: You can catch a direct flight from Nepal through Air China and Sichuan Airlines. To get to Tibet and it is one of the most scenic flights as…

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  • Main Features of Tibet’s Climate

    Cold and dry Strong sunshine Thin air, less oxygen content and lower boiling point in high altitudes Large day/night difference in temperature

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  • Passport and Visa Information

    Traveling to Tibet requires a Chinese visa and a Tibet Travel Permit which can both be obtained in Kathmandu with the help of a travel company (Tibet via Nepal). A…

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  • Places to see in Tibet

    Tibet is a magical land of monasteries, mountains and sacred lakes. Here are ten must-see places in Tibet 1. The Potala Palace- It is an impressively vast and ancient building…

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  • Travel Insurance

    Travel insurance is recommended while traveling to Tibet. Make sure that your policy covers ambulance or an emergency flight home, needed in case of altitude sickness. It is suggested to…

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  • What is the Best Time to Visit Tibet

    The best time to visit Tibet is from May to October; this period is not very cold, usually above 10 degrees Celsius and is the busiest time of the year…

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