Porters Care

Adventure Club Trek considers porters an integral part of all our expeditions and tours. So, we treat them with respect, pay them well. We expect our trekkers to treat the porters with courtesy and respect which the porters will give back. If you are hesitant to use porters, you should not be. It is a steady source of income for the porters who appreciate the work, and it helps in the local economy. If trekkers stop hiring porters, then it becomes an issue for porters’ livelihood. So, Adventure Club Treks promotes the use of porters while trekking instead of using vehicles. However, we encourage all the trekkers to keep their baggage under 15 kgs/33 lbs.

Adventure Club Trek is committed to the rights of porters, we provide them with appropriate clothing, gears, and lodging, apart from a good pay. In the case of a serious accident or sickness, our porters receive the same care as anyone else employed by the trekking team, including emergency evacuation by helicopter at our expense if necessary. We support the IPPG (International Porter Protection Group) which is dedicated to maintaining and improving porters’ working conditions.