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Peak Climbing in Nepal


Nepal is a virtual haven for all forms of adventure that can range from topsy-turvy bungy jumps…rafting out on raging rivers, riding royally on elephant backs, paragliding over beautiful lakes, running marathons above 4500m &…summiting peaks where only eagles dare; for such is Nepal’s diverse terrain, as diverse as its people & the cultures. The Himalayas in Nepal are the single most determining factor in playing a vital role in sustaining Nepal’s overall tourism apparatus & peak climbing in Nepal generates almost one-fourth of the total revenue in foreign exchange for the country. For visitors who have a special feeling for the wild, there are 18 minor peaks open for Alpine climbing under the administrative management of Nepal Mountaineering Association. These climbing peaks in Nepal are controlled under the rules & regulations formulated by this Association. Detailed information & application for climbing permits are available from the Association's Office or you can simply get in touch with the Adventure Club in Kathmandu who is an affiliated member of the Nepal Mountaineering Association. We will assist you in clearing the sluggish process for obtaining your permits after the necessary royalties are paid.

Though the Himalayas stretch from Nepal into Tibet, pouring into Bhutan, & going across China, Pakistan & into India; Nepal’s pride is the vast majority of peaks of over 5500m it possesses within its borders & apart from this among the 10 highest peaks in the world, eight of them falling within Nepal…makes this Himalayan nation a prime capital for high & wild unexplored adventure not found anywhere else on the planet, despite a number of other countries across the world also blessed with mountains of its own. Nepal is best known throughout the world for it's mountains & peaks…& attracts some of the world’s best climbers year in & year out. At the moment, more than 326 peaks in Nepal are available for expeditions with an additional 33 minor Climbing peaks being designated as “Trekking Peaks in Nepal"…giving ardent backpackers & adventure enthusiasts some of the best choices of trekking peaks ever, more than anywhere else in the world.

Some of the most popular & celebrated peaks known internationally are Island Peak, Mera Peak, Lobuche- East, Pokalde located in the Everest Region. Likewise, Naya-Kanga, Yala Peak in Langtang Region and Himchuli, Singchuli, Tharpa Chuli, Tent Peak, Pisang Peak, Chulu west and east in Annapurna Region attracts climbers every year.

Nepal became a virtual paradise for die-hard adventure lovers when the country threw open its borders to expeditionary teams in 1950. Mountains in Asia were attempted since the middle 18th century & some top peaks were summated but the Everest was still in the shadows when in 1953 Sir Edmund Hillary & Tenzing Norgay were the first to set foot on the highest mountain in the world…& that opened the floodgates to numerous expeditions to Everest also known as ‘Sagarmatha’’ in the local jargon. 
The ‘Adventure Club’ is equipped with some of the latest equipment for peak climbing & a solid experienced Sherpa team of climbing guides who simply ‘love their jobs’ in escorting climbers to most of the famous peaks in the country. Please visit our website for any peaking climbing trip that suits you & get in touch with us at adventureclubtreks@gmail.com, we’d be glad to show you the way in your zest & zeal to climbing some of the most challenging peaks in the world…we truly help in making your dreams a reality…we’ve done it before.


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