Our Trek Leaders and Staffs

 All our trekking guides are licensed, experienced and knowledgeable of the trekking regions. Birendra Pd Chudel is the founder and managing director of Adventure Club Treks and Expeditions. He is also an accomplished and experienced guide.  Like him, there are 11 other trek leaders/planners/staffs at Adventure Club Treks whose information you can check here (hyperlink existing our team page). Besides, we also have mountaineers and porters whom we hire with extreme care, based on aptitude, skill, and experience.

Adventure Club Trek always assigns trekking leaders/porters who are native to a certain region which benefits the region’s economy and our trekkers who get to benefit from the familiarity of the individuals. A local trekking leader can tell you much more about the wildlife, culture, nature, and people. All of our trekking leaders and other staff members receive training in First Aid, Team Dynamics, Ecology (including biodiversity and conservation), and English language.  In addition, our leaders have all been trained in Mountaineering, including rock and ice climbing.