“discover with local expert” Govt. Reged. No.: 61846/ 065/066  |  Tourism Reged. No.:  1111

Nepal Home-stay Trekking


Along with its breathtaking Himalayan scenery, Nepal is home to innumerable charming, friendly villages.  This Homestay Trek will enable you to visit a number of them and sample true Nepali hospitality as their residents welcome you into their homes.This Nepali homestay concept was created by legislative action in August of 2010.  Participants enjoy bed and breakfast with typical Nepali families in order to gain direct contact with their lifestyle, as well as their cultural and artistic traditions.   Nepal is home to dozens of different ethnic groups, including the Sherpa, Tamang, Magar, Gurung, Brahmin, and many others.  Buddhism and Hinduism are the most prominent religious traditions, but in some of the more remote areas, the ancient Bon religion is still maintained.  It is inspiring to witness the peaceful and respectful coexistence of all of these cultural and religious traditions, united by a common humanity.  

As a guest visitor, you may be welcomed with garlands, tikas (ceremonial scarves) and folk dances, and you will have an opportunity for immersion inauthentic, but diverse Nepali lifestyles and customs.  Thus, through direct interaction with locals in their rural villages, you will be able to enjoy the scenic wonders of our spectacular country along with a unique cultural and humanistic experience.

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