Meals and Drinking water

Meals: Adventure Club Trek provides full board meals while trekking, climbing and other respective trips. While in Kathmandu, Pokhara or other prominent cities, you can have everything from Chinese, continental, Nepalese, Indian to any other cuisine of your choice. As we climb higher and start our trek, we might have to leave those luxuries behind. Dal Bhat Tarkari (rice, lentils and vegetables/meat (optional)) is usually a staple meal during the trek. However, teahouses and lodges offer a variety of other options.

Muesli, cornflakes, porridge and bread and egg are a standard breakfast item during the trek. However, there are other options available. Your guide will help you with your selection of food from the menu, to ensure that you eat healthy and hygienic. From salad, cooked vegetable dishes, curries, pasta, chapatis, bread to the standard Nepali Dal-Bhat Thali, you have a good selection of food for lunch. Soup, chapatis, Dal-Bhat, dumplings, meat, pasta dishes, vegetables and various other food items are available for dinner.

You can drink tea/coffee during all meals. Boiled water is provided during lunch and dinner and other times as per request.  On camping expedition trips, our trained and experienced cook prepares filling, hygienic and varieties of meals as much as possible to appeal your taste buds even at high altitudes.

Drinking water:  Proper hydration is key for a healthy trek. So, we encourage our trekkers to drink at least 3 liters of water daily during the trek.  You can always buy bottled drinking water up in the Himalaya but, we encourage eco-friendly trekking, so we recommend a long-term use water bottle which you can use to purify local water with water purification tablet or water filter. Or, you can also fill the bottle from recognized and regulated "pure water" stations along the trek.