Home Stay Trekking

Tourism supports and promotes the remote areas of Nepal and helps them grow socially and economically. It takes extra care to spread awareness of local culture, festivals, and lifestyle. This trekking holiday, with home-stays in the remote villages, gives you the chance to experience, firsthand, the way of life that has remained unchanged for centuries. You will interact closely with the local people as they go about the daily tasks of farming, water management, and cooking. The organized visit to the villages will help you enjoy the true Nepali spirit and their culture. This trek is a  great way to get out of city hustle and bustle and enjoy the simplicity, fresh air in beautiful countryside—its different villages, rivers, waterfalls, local schools, communities, forest, caves, and more.
The main objective of this special trip is to contribute, socially and economically, to the remote areas of Gorkha District. The fee for the trip will go directly to our host family for providing food and accommodation. This home-stay trek is inexpensive compared to other trekking trips in Nepal, but the goal is to deliver a unique experience and help the people of the villages.