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Language: Dzongkha is the official language of Bhutan. Other widely spoken languages are Nepali, Bumthap, Sharchop and Hindi. English is understood and spoken by majority of people in major towns and is the medium of education in schools.

Time: Bhutan time is 6 hours ahead of GMT, 30 minutes ahead of India, 1 hour behind Thailand and 15 minutes ahead of Nepal. There is only one time zone throughout the country.

Drinks: It is safer to drink bottled, boiled and filtered water. A reasonable variety of both hard and soft drinks are available in hotels, restaurants and shops in most towns. Many Bhutanese enjoy drinking traditional homemade alcoholic brews made from wheat, millet or rice.

Shopping: The most popular tourist purchases are traditional Bhutanese arts and handicrafts. Produced by skilled artisans, these are generally of a high quality, and include Buddhist paintings and statues, textiles, jewelry and wooden bowls and carvings

Seasons: The autumn is between (September-November). Winter is between (December-February), & summer is (March-May), the Monsoons fall between (Jun- August)

Water: In major cities boiled and filtered water as well as mineral water is available in most of the hotels and restaurants. Elsewhere, it is advisable to use water sterilization tablets or stick to tea and soft drinks.

Working Hours:  Government offices open from 09 am to 17:00 hrs in summer and till 16:00 hrs in winter.

Official Holidays: The Government and most other offices work five days a week. Saturday and Sunday is the official weekly holiday when most of the shops are closed.


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