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Tibetans are versatile people. Most of them believe in Buddhism and worship around monasteries, shrines and other holy places. Similarly, they observe various festivals like Tibetan new-year, great prayer festival, butter lantern festival, Shoton festival to name a few, some of which are briefly described in the following:

Tibetan New Year (January or February)

Tibetan new-year is observed in order to farewell to the current year and welcome the brand new year ahead. On the eve a new-year, they have a celebration to prevent form the Ghost. On the new-year day, they perform dances in various monasteries. They clean their houses and decorate beautifully with the belief that the cleaning will drive away evil spirits and bad luck.

Butter Oil Lantern Festival (February or March)

Butter lantern festival is one another important festivals in Tibet, during day, people go to pray in temples and monasteries while at night there is a lantern show in various monasteries. It is really attractive to see that various kinds of lanterns with butter sculptures shaped in the image of deities, animals, plants, and human figures are displayed in the evening.

Saga Dawa Festival (May or June)

Saga Dawa Festival is considered to be the holiest festival in Tibet. Numerous of memorable occasions coincide on this particular day, Buddha's birth day or Buddha's enlightenment day. In order to observe this important day, Tibetan from all around gather around the Lhasa city, light the candle, in the afternoon, they have picnic around. It is really interesting and awesome festival.

Shoton Festival (August

Shoton festival also means yogurt banquet in Tibetan. It is the marvelous festival of summer. It is believed that in the past, lamas were locked themselves away in their monasteries during this season to devote themselves entirely to Buddhism for a month. When their devotions were over, lamas left the monastery to receive donations from the locals, that time, people gave them yogurt and later on they had yogurt banquets with them and made performances to welcome them.

Bathing Festival (September)

Bathing festival is another exciting festival observed in Tibet. It is believed that when the sacred planet Venus appears in the sky, the water in the river becomes purest and cures diseases. Therefore, this particular festival is observed during the appearance of Venus. This festival is observed for one week, during the festival, the Tibetans go to the River and take a bath once every day.

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