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Cultural Tours


The Nepal Cultural Tour gives deep insights into Nepal’s cultural mosaic & is a highly interesting tour where windows open up to the diverse culture & the wonderfully changing landscapes that you encounter as you travel through different areas on this charming whirlwind journey that offers a range of dissimilar traditions, religions, customs & beliefs, the social fabrics of different communities which is a virtual mixing bowl various pilgrimage sites, historical monuments, vibrant rural landscapes with hideaway sleepy towns, lush green safari parks as we explore the cobbled streets of tiny mountain towns that takes us out of the humdrum of kathmandu into safari parks in search of tigers that may be spotted yawning in the glades with Rhinos munching on grass & deer playfully running through high grass open jungles…there are so many lovely concealed gems found in-between our destinations as we move on our adventure odyssey where our sightseeing comes alive with Nepal’s living history brimming with scintillating culture, tragic stories that are true…& the ever so much natural beauty seen everywhere we go…Nepal is a literal potpourri of the ancient that simply refuses to move away from Nepal’s modern development that seems to be creeping into its unique & natural ecosystems…

The ancient capital of Nepal - Kathmandu, can at times numb your senses. It is an intermingling of fume-shrouded traffic havoc, clanging temple bells, cooing doves, the heady scents of temple food offerings, wafts of incense and the sound of the ubiquitously piped Buddhist mantra om mani padme hum pouring from the shops & every corner of the streets in the tourist neighborhoods. The footloose-an-fancy-free unrelenting street smart salesmen and the beseeching of beggars combine to make it a baffling mix of the contemporary jostling for space with the traditions of yore. It is frenzied, awesome, enthralling and draining. After spending some time in Kathmandu, you will need to steer clear of the crazy city streets to find some peace quiet out of this teeming valley.

This tour program is ideal for those visiting Nepal for the first time, & longing to get the feel of things for more high & wild trips. The visit highlights you much of this Himalayan nation. Your culture tour takes off in Nepal’s vibrant capital, Kathmandu, where you visit several Buddhist sites and Hindu temples, this also includes very old monasteries, before we continue to the city of lakes - Pokhara, En-route we also visit some sleepy little towns like Dhulikhel, Bandipur, the Chitwan national park; these places are considered to be some of the most striking places to visit in Nepal. We also visit Nagarkot, a quiet little lovely mountain hub that’s a favorite for honeymooners in Asia, & this is also where you will be amazingly struck by some of the most stunning and most terrific sunsets in the world.

Our highly professional multilingual Guides enjoy what they do & when they escort you on cultural tours within the Himalayan country, you will get some upfront insights into Nepali lifestyles, philosophies, socio-behavioral examples and Nepal’s vast & rich cultural dissimilarities. 

Our guides put you on a one-on-one Interaction directly with the local ethnic communities that will give you first-hand information on how folks survive in this part of the universe & the ancient traditions they’ve been following from one generation to the next will definitely leave you emotionally attached to the country for some time to come. At the ADVENTURE CLUB, all our cultural tours offered can be redesigned to suit your time constraints with shorter visits to the Himalayan Kingdom or you can add them on as an extension to trekking in Nepal or trips across the borders into Tibet, India & Bhutan.



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