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Tibet is known as the roof of the world, located over 3800 meters. It has spread in an area of 12, 00,000 square kilometers and the population is about 2.3 million. It is situated in the south-west part of China. It is bordered by Nepal, India and China.

Eastern part, northern part and southern part are the geographic division of Tibet. The eastern part is prevailed by the dense woods. It covers one fourth part of the country. It is also the source of various herbal medicines in Tibet. The northern part of the country is dotted by the nomadic groups whose lives are connected with Yaks and Sheep. It covers almost half of the Tibetan part. The southern part is occupied by the agricultural land and people covering one fourth area of the country. This part covers most of the popular places of Tibet.

Tibet is a country of spiritual people. They believe in Buddhism. There are thousands of monasteries, Chhortens and the Buddhist heritage sites. Some of the natural heritages as Kailash Mansarovar, Namtso and Mt. Everest (eastern part) are popular as holy places. April to November are the best travelling seasons in Tibet. 

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