Great service

  • stvan N
    United Kingdom Published: Sunday, June 16, 2013

    Great service


    I have used this company twice so far and everything was good and worked out very well. They provide great service. First time when I went to the Everest b.c by myself I asked for a guide from them. Ram was good fun and helped in everything. Enjoyed his company. Plus I booked my rafting and chitwan N.Park trip through them. The price was really good, reasonable and all the service, hotels, accommodations, safari and rafting trip was an amazing adventure and worked out well.

    2nd time I went with a group of people to Everest b.c and used their service. The company provided the same expected ,perfect service. The guides, porters were very friendly and provided great service. We felt very safe between their hands. Birendra the owner of the company and our main guide just proved how to do a great job, taken care all the time and dealt with the rescuing things very well. 4 people got sick (altitude) during the trek and he did a professional job (looked after people, arranged the helicopters and helped during rescuing) Definitely can recommend them to everyone.

    London, United Kingdom