Everest Base Camp in the snowstorm

  • Eniko B
    Australia Published: Monday, May 19, 2014

    Everest Base Camp in the snowstorm


    When I finally reached Everest Base Camp in the snowstorm, a dream has come true. I was sick and exhausted, close to be choppered down, but I made it. And I made it because I had great company and support. And I knew I was in the good hands of Birendra and his amazing team. Lovely people, friendly and always ready to help. Always ready to bring you another ginger tea, to carry your daypack or just talk and entertain. Everything was organised and taken care of. Our only job was to carry on trekking, taking one further step and one more... until we reached our destination.
    It was an experience and a trip for a lifetime and I will definitely go back. Probably the most memorable moment was when I first saw Mt Everest from above Namche bazar. It was from a fair distance but it was spectacular. 
    I got to know more about the Nepalese culture, about the lovely Nepalese people and I fell in love with those mountains. I am looking forward to go back and join Birendra's group again. And I can only recommend to everyone who loves adventure and enjoys great company to do the same :)

    Sydney, Australia