11 breathtaking days in Annapurna region

  • MateuszWijas
    Canada Published: Sunday, December 21, 2014

    11 breathtaking days in Annapurna region


    Late November I landed in Kathmandu with nothing booked. I knew I wanted to go trekking but had to find someone. I stayed with Birendra at his home with his wonderful family. A new friend had recommended I join him on a trip but ultimately it fell through. Birendra stepped up and organized a trek for me. It was 11 breathtaking days in Annapurna region. Birendra was sick but found a great guide for me. I couldn't be happier with my trip. From the cool little villages near Gorehpani and Chhomrong, to the awesome views at Base Camp, to the relaxing hot springs I enjoyed every bit of it. The food and lodging that was organized was perfect. Dal Bhat for dinner kept me going strong and I met a bunch of cool people on the trail. After talking with others I realize I got a really great value from Birendra. A fair price for an excellent adventure. I highly recommend Birendra, all around great guy, friendly, and fair business man.

    Toronto, Ontario, Canada