Bhutan Cultural Tour with Three days Bimthang Trek

Duration: 12 Days

Bhutan Cultural Tour with Three days Bimthang Trek combines sightseeing and trekking effortlessly in one package. Bhutan often called the Land of Happiness is a small landlocked country bordered by India and China. The unexploited ancient culture and traditions including the practice of strict Buddhism make this country so unique.

The country's extreme measure to protect the nature has resulted in making it one of the few countries in the world with most protected areas in the world and the only carbon-negative nation in the world. This 12 day Bhutan trip starts at an altitude of 2,195m and reaches up to 3,360m.

The trip starts at Paro where we visit KichuLhakhang, Ta Dzong, and RinpungDzong. Also, we hike to one of the most famous landmarks of the country, Taktsang Monastery (Tiger’s Nest). While in the capital Thimphu, we’ll visit Memorial Chorten, National Institute of Traditional Medicine and TashichhoDzong where we will get to know more about the Bhutanese history. Next, we drive to Punakha where PunakhaDzong sits in all its glory; it is the oldest and second largest Dzong in Bhutan.

Our trek begins from Bimthang; we get familiar with the rural Bhutanese culture in the trek. Climbing high passes, passing through picturesque forested valleys, camping at beautiful places and many other wonders make this three-day-long trek a truly fascinating ride.

Interested in visiting Bhutan but this 12-day-long itinerary is not for you? Well, Adventure Club Trek has shorter Bhutan travel packages like Glimpses of Bhutan Tour- 4 Days, and Journey to Druk Yul Tour- 5 Days.

Trip Highlights:

  • Hiking up to Taktsang Monastery.
  • Visiting KichuLhakhang, the oldest temple in Bhutan.
  • Exploring the capital city of Thimphu.
  • One of the main highlights is also the PunakhaDzong, the oldest and second largest Dzong in Bhutan that is located at the confluence of two rivers.
  • Visiting TrongsaDzong, it is a masterpiece of Bhutanese architecture.
  • Exploring the mystic Buddhist monastery called gang Lhakhang.
  • Delving deep into Bhutan’s culture and traditions.

Outline Itinerary:

  • Day 01: Flight to Paro and Cultural Sightseeing Tour (2250m)
  • Day 02: Paro to Thimphu (2,320m): 50 km, 1 hour, excursion to Taktsang Monastery (3,120m)
  • Day 03: Sightseeing in Thimphu
  • Day 04: Thimphu to Punakha (1,250m): 76 km, 2 -3 hours
  • Day 05: Punakha to Bumthang (2,850m): 214 km, 7 hours
  • Day 06: Trek Bumthang to NgangLhakhang (2,895m):10Km, 2 - 3 hour
  • Day 07: Trek NgangLhakhang to UgyenCholing (2,895m)-18Km, 6 -7 hours
  • Day 08: Trek UgyenCholing to Jakar/Bumthang (2,745m)-2Km, 1.5 hours
  • Day 09: Sightseeing in Jakar/Bumthang
  • Day 10: Bumthang to Wangdue (1,240m)-197 km, 6 hours
  • Day 11: Wangdue to Paro (2,320m)-124 km, 3 - 4 hours
  • Day 12: Flight from Paro to Kathmandu
  • Trip Duration 12 Days
  • Destination Bhutan
  • Trip Difficulty Moderate
  • Trip Style Tour
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