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Everest Base Camp Trek

Adventure Club Trek is a Nepali-owned adventure travel company based in the magical city of Kathmandu. We pride ourselves on creating memorable and safe experiences for you and your travel companions. Fourteen years of organizing and leading adventure tours have given us a deep understanding of what it takes to deliver a successful experience for each and every client or group.

Adventure Club Treks is comprised of a tight-knit group of local adventure experts. Our team guides, porters, and accompanying staff are locals with a broad knowledge about each and every location that we travel through. Your safety is our maximum priority and our staff are equipped not only with first aid training that specializes in altitude-related situations but also with many years of experience assessing the variable weather conditions that can occur in remote locations.

Our company holds all of the relevant licenses and we will take care of the trekking permits that you need for the different regions as well as ensure that your insurance level is appropriate for any and all risks. Because we are locally owned and operated, we always ensure that tours and activities are secured at the best possible price.

Let us share our deep love for Nepal with you. Whether you are simply looking to take a scenic flight over Mount Everest, or are ready to embark on the trek of a lifetime through majestic mountain passes, Adventure Club Treks has the connections and expertise to provide you with the best possible experience. We also operate in Bhutan, Tibet, and India.

We welcome you to the highest quality of service and professionalism - it does not matter if this is your first time in Nepal or if you are one of our many returning customers. We are here to help you meet your goals and realize your dreams. If there is something special you wish to do in Nepal or one of our neighboring countries then please messages us with any questions about how we could customize your travel itinerary.

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy is part of our philanthropic program which always seeks to ‘give something back’ to the communities in the areas that we travel to. Our current initiative is a Voluntary program that we call ‘enjoy your holidays with a purpose’. The concept behind our pet Project range of trips is based on a culture of “travel with a purpose”. We plan to form small group adventures, each about two weeks in length, where Trek members commit four to five days of their holiday to making a difference to a community in need in areas of health, education & agriculture. A part of the traveler’s contribution fee goes towards helping the local folks in impact areas for costs needed to buy raw material.

When you plan your holidays with us, the knowledge we’ve gained over the years has taught us to give you a sense of comfort that gets as close to you when at home; you become a virtual part of the Adventure Club family. Nepal is a part of our corner of the world & we know every part of its ground intimately. We love our country passionately, & we want to share it with similar souls who enjoy the thrills of the wild. We are proud to showcase the lush green Himalayas to the world!

Join us for a Happy Holiday in the High & Wild of the Himalayas of Nepal…& discover the world you’ve never known…The world that opens out avenues into self-discovery…where you were born free…as free as the birds fly across the silver gray Himalayas…streaking across bright blue skies into the twilights of the day…for a better world tomorrow.

Our Mission:

Our purpose is to increase environmental awareness for mountaineers and trekkers who participate in trips throughout Nepal and Tibet with Adventure Club Trek. At Adventure Club Trek we provide our customers with all the necessary information required to reduce risks and ensure a safe journey whilst enthusiastically involving them in the safeguarding of our delicate environment.  It is vitally important to us that our business upholds values which support and respect the vulnerable local communities and cultures within our nation.

The increase in temperature in the Himalayan regions in Nepal poses an ongoing threat to the people residing in mountainous regions due to the high danger of Glacial Lake Outbursts Floods. Our company requests the world help by working towards a solution which protects the mountains from global warming.

What makes us different?

Adventure Club Trek (ACT) is widely recognized as providing fantastic service to all of our clients.  ACT can proudly boast many successes such as:

  • First-rate safety measures record mountain expeditions in Nepal and Tibet.
  • A proficient team of climbers, leaders, and Sherpas.
  • Since 2008, we have managed to organize over 20 Peak Climbing in a diverse array of world standard peaks having an elevation of more than 6500m, including Mount Pumori.
  • Enthusiastic and highly qualified team members who have appropriate mountain climbing training, experience,  local knowledge and understanding of the historical, cultural and other necessary aspects of Nepal.  All this combines to guide you on your journey and enhance your travel experience.
  • Countless positive reviews from satisfied customers.

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